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    Riverbank @ Fernvale

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    Agent Jowell Lim

    Riverbank @ Fernvale is one of the highly sought after new launch in Singapore. Just imagine yourself residing in a modern home with a panoramic view of the beautiful natural surroundings, not to mention the mesmerizing riverfront. The interiors of each residential unit is absolutely gorgeous and the architectural design of Riverbank @ Fernvale is truly stunning.

    Riverbank @ Fernvale comes packed with condo facilities such as Tennis Court, Yoga Deck, Floating Clubhouse, Hammock Island and many more. Providing you with countless activities which you can enjoy at the comfort of your home. Just take a look at the Riverbank @ Fernvale Siteplans.

    Riverbank @ Fernvale is strategically located in Sengkang, with amenities all around, enhancing your lifestyle to another level. Choose to shop at either Seletar Mall which comes with a cineplex or Compasspoint, not to forget the up and coming The Waterway Point. You will be swarmed with entertainment and dining choices without the need to head out too far.


    The below will be the siteplans of Riverbank @ Fernvale; take a look now.



    Riverbank @ Fernvale Map, find out exactly this new launch is located.



    Choose from  1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom to Cabana units. Have a look at the Riverbank @ Fernvale Floor plans.

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    Riverbank @ Fernvale is an amazing new launch in Sengkang that you should not miss. With such valued location and vantage views, it is an ideal home for anyone and even for the discerning few. Interested to buy Riverbank @ Fernvale? Contact us now. You can also call us to enquire about Riverbank @ Fernvale Pricing and other related details.